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The thing about darkness.

The thing about darkness is that it is basically temporary. In the creation epic recorded in Genesis 1 night and day are intricately laced to separate them. Till God brings earthly things to an end we know that daylight will eventually cancel even the darkest night. It's true in the metaphorical application to life as well. Yes, surely, there have been periods of human history when spiritual, ethical, moral, or political darkness seemed to be the prevailing worldview. In the long scope of human history, however, they have been mere moments, menaces rather than cultures. Nazism, communism, socialism, and many other dark grievances exerted pause over the light. But, kids, darkness has limits.

There's a good bit of moaning and groaning among people of light these days because darkness is suddenly trendy, again. It's popular to be pretty much anti- everything of value---democracy, capitalism, constitutionalism, truth, morality, ethical standards, the multiplication tables, family values, and yes, Christianity. In many venues the darkness, at least metaphorically, seems to be the breakfast of champions, the winning ticket, the path forward. As a result, many believers are in the dugout, defeated and discouraged because darkness is seemingly occupying the winner's circle.

A passage in the opening chapter of the Gospel of John shook me this week. Under guidance from above John wrote---

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

John 1: 5, ESV

Of course, John later explained that Jesus is the light. Still, throughout his Gospel the imagery of light and darkness portrays the metaphorical warfare of evil and righteousness, the kingdoms of darkness and light in the scope of redemptive history. Up front, in the very first chapter of this amazing Gospel, John noted that the darkness has not overcome the light. In history, it cannot. You see, darkness is always temporary.

It can be heavy and foreboding in those dark periods. But, here's the deal. Jesus said you and I are light that should shine brilliantly in our world today. That light dispels the darkness. We should therefore be courageous and bold, letting that little light shine. Take heart Christian friends. Don't be fainthearted or fearful. Let your light shine.

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