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All things new, at the same old speed

So, the plan to redesign Finish Period: Going the Distance in Ministry in the New Year hit a couple of snags during the first week of 2022. Number one was the new design being the product of this same old mind operating at that same old speed. Deleting pages wasn't a problem, the delete button being clear and unobstructed. Creating new pages and making them function properly has been another issue. So, here we are three weeks later still limping through the redesign. Pray for patience to be a lead in my spiritual giftedness.

The new thing is real, however, even with these stumbling techno steps. Through Isiah God reminded his people "Behold, I am doing a new thing..." (Isaiah 43: 19, ESV). So, perhaps this new thing for me in 2022 is learning to wait, pray, study, and let his new thing work in me before it eases into every other part of life.

That'll be my prayer. How about you?

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1 Comment

Curt Bradford
Curt Bradford
Jan 21, 2022

I'm with you, old buddy, and looking forward to your insights in this new season for all.

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