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The challenge of brevity

Brevity is personal challenge. Keeping it short and sweet, whether in spoken or written words, is a stumbling block. It's one of the reasons this space has been inconsistent in recent months. There are hundreds of topics I'd like to examine and air out. But, who has the time or inclination to read volumes about them. Under the pressures of these times---you know, velocity, complexity and mobility---most of us can devote but a glance at the headlines, devotional readings, or material beyond our work or family duties. It's why most of us seeking to encourage others much learn the discipline of brevity.

Yesterday, a verse from Solomon's Proverbs gripped me---

Whoever restrains his word has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of


Proverbs 17: 27, ESV

So, I'm rethinking this word thing, the blog I've been posting for nearly ten years, and my other convictions about providing words of spiritual direction and support for those living in these fast times.

Still, don't expect any ten minute sermons.

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