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The Baby Boom!

So, the prophets around us are predicting a baby boom nine months after the Covid-19 isolation ends. It's provided some comic relief in recent weeks. Our minds do go in some predictable directions when busy lives slow down. For baby-boomers like me, and many of you, now in our geezer-hood, they are warm memories. And, yes, we do know there's more to the home-fires thing than logs blazing on the hearth. More to the point, most of the population and birth experts anticipate at least a baby-blip nine months forward. Few expect a genuine boom. Still, the prospect has been a source of humor during this stay-at-home period.

Let's quickly acknowledge that jokes about a baby boom nine-months hence aren't

humorous to everyone. Covid-19 has interrupted many pregnancies and births and

families are experiencing grief and loss. We should remember them and be sensitive to

their special needs.

Of course, much humor strikes our funny bone because it smacks of truth. The isolation and stay-at-home decrees have given us rare opportunities for home repair, yard work, family time, and, yes, romance. Our comic geniuses have produced humor about each of those quarantine boredom solutions. I mean, how many puzzles can we assemble, how many times will we watch The Price in Right, or play children's board (or bored?) games. And, it's humorous, the unspoken things that happen behind closed doors. I mean toilet paper jokes are still ringing our bells!

Perhaps sensitivity about a baby-boom has lowered he bar on this brand of humor. I haven't seen any new ones this week. Most are older, and ones that you have no doubt read with a well-meaning chuckle. A sample???

They've already been named---the Coronials.

Thirteen years later they will be called the Quaranteens.

Babies conceived during the pandemic will be called Baby Zoomers.

Meet the child conceived in March, 2020. Her name is Kyron A. Viries.

I mention them today to introduce a prominent laughter episode in Biblical history, the epoch of Abram and Sarai. You know the story. God called Abram (this name meaning "exalted father') to a covenant relationship. He told Abram that he would become a great nation. So Abram and his wife went to Canaan as God had commanded under a second promise that God would grant the land to Abram's offspring. There's much more detail about their travels---a famine in the land, their sojourn in Egypt, a good bit of family intrigue, and doubts about what God had promised---a nation and land. You see, Abram and Sarai remained childless. When Abram mentioned their childlessness to God, a new covenant was issued and God renewed his promises. Soon, while still without children, Abram had relations with Sarai's servant Hagar. A son was born, name Ishmael. In their new covenant Abram's names was changed to Abraham, meaning "father of many". In a powerful denouement God promised Abraham and Sarah they would give birth to a son (see Genesis 17: 15-21). Abraham was 100 years old at the time. Sarah was 90. When told, Abraham fell on his face and laughed (Genesis 17: 17). Later, three angels of the Lord appeared and told Abraham that in one year Sarah would be pregnant and give birth to a son. Sarah heard this promise and laughed to herself (Genesis 18: 12). Of course, this old couple did produce a son, and they named him Isaac, meaning "he will laugh". His birth was a miracle, what was unbelievable to them. People must have smiled at Isaac his entire life.

That's a long story cut way short. It reminds us not of Abraham and Sarah's prowess or fertility. This story is about the miraculous, almost unbelievable acts of God, our God doing something that was impossible to men. They laughed, and Isaac carried the image of that laughter throughout his life.

Baby boom? Yes, for certain. Out of that birth came the nation of Israel, God's chosen people in the Old Covenant. It brings a smile even today.

Humor Pill for the Day

When all of this is over,

what meeting will you attend first...

Weight Watchers or AA?

---from the FaceBook Post of friend Libby Grunewald

Friend Jenny King added "anger management".

I wrote in "marriage counseling".|&mediapopup=6028056

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