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Everything? Not quite.


The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.


We humans want to know everything. The experts over in the science department tell us that curiosity is a basic human trait. Of course, some of us are more so than others, but most of us want to know the backstory of things that mystify or puzzle us. Who hasn't observed a young child tearing apart the pieces of a favorite toy to discover what makes it function? And, of course, that child-like spirit of inquiry follows many of us through life. For others, it is a drive that compels education, careers, and the inventive genius behind our advanced world. When I crank up my devices I'm always in wonder of those brilliant minds whose curiosity and knowledge envisioned and designed and eventually manufactured our toys.

Our desire to know moves into every area of human experience. We want to know what makes things work, or not work, as the case may be. And, that's one of the mysteries about global events right now. Where did this Covid-19 pandemic originate? What kind of deadly virus is it? How did such a contagion spread in certain parts of our world so quickly? How can the symptoms be detected earlier? And, hundreds of other questions inquiring minds want to know. They are all complex and totally beyond my grasp. Harriet and I are doing what our many officials have suggested. We're staying home. Evidently that's the sure fire way to assure that we're not exposed to the deadly virus.

Then again, media has given us thousands of experts with gigabytes of data about the the coronavirus. One expert says this, another that. Talk about opinions, read some of the assessments of our governments response to this thing. Our leaders have over-responded, under-responded, acted too quickly or not quickly enough, taken too many precautions or too few, provided accurate information or fake news. The idea people in the editorial department warn us of abuses of the Constitution of the United States and others opine that our freedoms should be limited even more. People like me, and perhaps many of you, are mystified by all of he scientific language and competing data. We want to know with some degree of certainty how long this pandemic is going to last and what the ultimate results will be for our lives---medically, economically, and in the isolated home front.

The other day in study Deuteronomy 29:29 scrolled across my computer screen. Yes, I've studied it before and know it was spoken to Israel when Moses was challenging them regarding their covenant with God. I also know we are not Israel. Still, it is God's Word and the truth is an important one for us in every life consideration. The truth is that God chose not to show us everything. Even with our education and driving curiosity we cannot know everything. It's a central facet of our faith and trust in God. We believe him and trust his guidance in life. His guidance is certain and sure, even when he doesn't clear it with us.

There are some things, however, we can know with great certainty. And, that will be my topic this week. We can have certainty about many aspects of life, even in this universe of so many questions. Know everything, though? Not quite.

Join me this week for some certainty---and much hope.

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