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What the Hands Do Next.

Being prayed up is a common idiom in the community of faith. Certainly practicing consistent prayer is an ongoing spiritual discipline. We know that praying without ceasing is an expected approach to life at every juncture for people of the Christian faith(see 1 Thessalonians 5:17). Scripture admonishes us to go often to the prayer closet to lift our requests to the Father. Still, most of us don't live in a spiritual cloister. There is the time when we must unfold our hands and obediently seek God's purposes. The final clarity in major decisions is when we follow God's direction in those areas that have been central to our petitions. Applied to our decisions about voting is realized when we accomplish what our hands must do next in the process. That is, when we cast our vote.

Credible research indicates that there are in the neighborhood of 245,500,00 American citizens of voting age. Of that number, Pew Research studies indicate that approximately 157,600,000 American citizens are registered to vote, meaning that almost 65% of those eligible to vote are actually registered to do so. In the 2016 presidential election, 137,500,00 of those registered actually cast a ballot. Do the math. Vast numbers of American citizens are are either not registered or do not vote. In most instances they never fold their hands in prayer before the vote, and then do not perform what the hands do next, actually cast a vote. There are, no doubt, many valid reasons such a large segment of the population never participates in the precious right of the franchise. Surely age, travel limitations, disenfranchisement about our political system, and other more personal limitations keep people from the polls. Just the same, indifference and apathy may also rank high in the non-registered, non-voting group. This is why each of us must unfold those praying hands and cast a ballot in very election, and futher, encourage others to do so as well.

And, that would be what our hands accomplish tomorrow, November 6, 2018. This is a significant midterm election. Will you please take a few moments today to at least review the candidates on your local, state, and national ballots and then vote your conscience. At the same time, take a few minutes to review the party platforms of the two predominant political parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. You can review the national platform of the Democratic Party from the 2016 Presidential election by clicking here. For the Republican Party, click here.

Most of my friends know I am a one issue voter. That issue is the sanctity of human life. Holding a Christian worldview I cannot vote for candidates that support or condone abortion on demand. 60 + million babies have been murdered since the Roe v. Wade legislation in 1973. This is appalling. Because of political party distinctions I will vote only for Republican Party candidates in this and every election.

Many voters are not guided by the same worldview and therefore exercise their voting privilege according to other criteria. If you are undecided in your choice of candidates may I endorse the following individuals for the offices indicated?

Governor of South Carolina Henry McMaster

US House of Representatives, 1st Congressional District Katie Arrington

SC House District # 15 Samuel Rivers

SC House District # 99 ( I do not live in this district and

cannot vote for the District # 99 house seat. If I could I

my vote would be cast for Nancy Mace

Please put your hands to work tomorrow by voting in this election.

Thank you. God bless America.|&mediapopup=42903319

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