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Sentimental journey.

OK, so today is a special day. That being so, forgive me if I table the blog post I had written and take a short sentimental journey to reflect on the two events that make it among my most cherished. Perhaps it's just one way I can appreciate what it means to "...number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom" (Psalm 90:12).

It's a day I've numbered 68 times on one life calendar and 45 times on another. On this day in 1949 God gave me the gift of life. As I have for most of my adult years I've paused to thank God for this precious gift and the many blessings that have marked my time on planet earth. Today that calculation makes me grateful for the 816 months, 3548.1 weeks, and 24,837 days God has given me. Even a momentary glance in the rear-view mirror accentuates the many joys of living in these particular years, among the people who have been life's greatest blessings during them, and to have reached another milestone in the total of them. Today I am so thankful for wise counsel and leadership of our dad, The Chester, and those who most influenced the early years of this life, especially my brother Mike and sister Christie. Today I'm thanking God for Liz and Scott, Brian and Katie, John Lewis and Laura, and so many others who have touched my life in so many ways.

For most of my adult life I celebrated this day by visiting or calling my mother, Esther Mae Owens Holmes, for the labors she experienced bringing me into this world. Since her death in 2008 this day has brought her to my heart and mind through the precious memories that linger so gently yet so powerfully in my thoughts. Thank you mom for the pains and sacrifices you made to give me life. Today I am again grateful.

On this day in 1972 Harriet Lowman Thomas said yes to my proposal of marriage. We laugh a lot about that night. I had been out of town that week on bank business and was eager to spend my birthday with her. in celebration she cooked me a special dinner of fried chicken and all the fixings. While she navigated the rough currents of frying chicken I asked her to marry me. Thankfully she said yes. So, as of today, we've been a serious couple for 45 years. We were married the next March. We also make a lot of sport of the fact that she has not cooked me fried chicken since. Talk about a fond remembrance. The above picture is the announcement of our engagement in the Raleigh News and Observer the following week.

So, October 27 is a notable day for me. Sixty-eight years of life, and forty-five years of being attached to this special woman. No wonder I'm so reflective and thankful today. What a blessing to take this sentimental journey again.

Here's a prayer and wish that your day is special too.

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