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Making America great again?

American voters are frustrated. Statistics gathered by the vast majority of researchers indicate a new cynicism about government, politics, and the 2016 Presidential election. Most of the numbers reveal that Republicans are more dissatisfied with the status quo than Democrats. But, in general, especially before the primary and caucus seasons, confidence in government reached an all time low across the political spectrum. Their distrust of politics as usual, the stagnant legislative branch, an ineffective executive and commander-in-chief, and a ruling judicial branch has thrust many voters into the camps of what could only be called extreme candidates. Socialist Bernie Sanders is popular among the younger set and the older hippies, and Donald Trump has emerged as the front-runner among disaffected Republicans and cross-over, more conservative Democrats. Mondo bizarro. Mr. Sanders promises "A Future to Believe In" and Mr. Trump says his government will "Make America Great Again". Whoopee.

It's all more than a little puzzling. Of course, anything can happen in America and anyone can be elected President. One of the surprising elements of this election season for me has been the number of voters who identify themselves as "evangelical" joining the ranks of Trump supporters. Once again, this odd pairing makes me wonder how the media and research people are defining "evangelical". I'm thinking the evangelical Trump camp is mostly populated by the people Pew Research refers to as "nominal Christians", believers in name only with little personal piety, devotion, or serious Christian practice. The surprising part is really very simple: evangelicals know that no human being can Make America Great Again.

There are at least two angles on the Trump campaign slogan----

1. American is still a great country. Yes, we do have our issues, and depending on where you're positioned on the political scale your list may be different from mine. Even with departures from what we'd call our norms 11,000,000 (maybe as many as 20,000,000) illegals have risked life and limb to make our country their own. In the same way, foreign entrepreneurs purchase as much land as is available to them in our capital economy. With a bloated government that loves to reach into our pockets and continues to trifle with our liberties we're still the most effective government system on the globe. Yes, the current administration has lowered our respect among the nations and has efficiently humiliated our military integrity. But, voters, America is still unique, and great. Mr. Trump's opinion about the status of our country is just more hype. That so many of us are drooling when he talks so negatively about us just indicates our distance from truth.

2. One person cannot change the footing of our nation. Some will argue that President Ronald Reagan raised the corporate self-esteem of the nation, and with his charisma, charm, and decidedly conservative program turned the nation around in very category of measurement. But, the scenario of the Reagan years was a combine of the right people being in the right places at the right time. As president Abraham Lincoln reminded the people at Gettysburg, this is a nation of the people, by the people, for the people. There's no room for a human messiah in our ranks even though Mr. Trump promises apocalyptic expectations in his presidency. If you think he'll really Make America great Again, you need to spend some time with his business fails, hours with bankruptcy lawyers, and his personal acquaintance with failure. His lone ranger style will place him beyond the hope of any kind of national restoration. it's not the work of a single human.

The only One that can make America great now or at any time is the One the framers built the system around, Jesus Christ our Lord. King David declared it from personal experience and divine inspiration---

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people whom he has chosen as

his heritage!

Psalm 33:12, ESV

Revisionists and liberal historians claim otherwise, but the source material from our founding days reveal a strong dependence on Scripture and a distinctly Christian worldview for the success of the American experience. Those men and women were humble servants depending on their God's leadership to create and sustain this nation. Making America Great then and now is what God does among his people.

And, besides. Donald Trump is just an apprentice in the nation making thing.

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