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Mike Huckabee in the SC Primary February 20, 2016

In November, 2014, a group of pastors and leaders from South Carolina, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Iowa traveled to Poland, England, and Los Angeles, California, on the Reagan, Thatcher, Pope John Paul II Tour. These places were chosen because the three individuals under study were the key players in toppling communism in Europe. Governor Mike Huckabee was the tour leader and I was privileged to be among the learners. In those ten days I was able to observe Gov. Huckabee up close. Our group wept with him at Auschwitz, prayed with him in the chapel under Parliament, reflected with him in the Reagan Library, and talked with him around meals and travel times. My greatest learning those two weeks wasn't about the people and places we visited, historic as they were. It was resonance with a man who consistently articulates political positions that inspire me.

With all the political posturing in these past few years, and with social media and digital information systems flashing sound bites around the world in nanoseconds, I've needed some clarity in defining my own political preferences. As a result, I sorted through lists of the pertinent questions that are being asked and finally reduced them all to two, the two questions that matter most to me. As reported yesterday, they are---

1. Which candidate has consistently spoken to my personal values?

Notice I've included the word "consistent". There have been some johnnie-

come-lately pro-life conservatives on those debate stages. Some politicians

change their stances on positions every time Pew or CNN releases survey

numbers. No, for me there needs to be a consistent evidence of representing

my values.

2. Which candidate can back their words with a political record that affirms

those positions.

Scripture raises a standard here too. James wrote that we should be doers of

the Word and not just hearers. I want to support a candidate who has stood

on the line in public office for his ideals. I'm past voting for blow-hards who

talk their way into the hearts of the electorate. It's time for some integrity.

Mike Huckabee is the only candidate that can fit this very selective profile. This space won't allow comment about the issues that will take me to the primary polls in February or to the general election voting booth in November. If you would like an up-to-date catalog of Governor Huckabee's positions you can read them at his web site by clicking right here. Still, there's more to my support of him that a straight-forward explanation of his politics.

1. His politics is and has been consistently driven by his Christian worldview.

2. The sanctity of human life has been a significant theme in Governor

Huckabee's belief system for many years and headlined the two times he was

elected as Governor of Arkansas.

3. The Governor's political stances are clearly stated. There's no political speak

clouding his positions on any of the issues.

4. There's a consistent track record to validate where he stands on the issues and

more than two terms as Governor of Arkansas (1996-2007) to indicate his

favorability among the population. At the time it was a significant Democratic

state, with Democratic majorities in both houses of their legislature. This

executive experience has prepared him better than any other candidate to lead

our country.

5. Mike Huckabee is not a Washington insider nor a career politician. He

understands how government works and how to get things done in a political

environment. He brings fresh ideas and the heart of our population to the

political process.

There's still more than the resume items. Mike Huckabee is an articulate, pinpoint communicator who can connect with people across the demographic spread of the nation. He is passionate for the nation because he loves the nation and values the traditional ideals that the founders wrote into our governing documents. He deeply believes the American dream because he has lived it and experienced the success this great country affords it's citizens.

There's another angle too. Before entering the political arena, Governor Huckabee, a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, also pastored two Southern Baptist Churches. Perhaps its a stretch, maybe some pastoral hyperbole on my part. But, anyone who can pastor two Baptist churches can function in Washington too. Just saying.

Please join me in supporting Mike Huckabee when you go to the primary polls on February 20.

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