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Homecoming worship too

As grads gather for Citadel Homecoming 2015 there will be memories, enhanced stories of the "old corps", a new class of the Gold Corps (grads for fifty years or more), and reunions honoring classes ending in 0 or 5. The class of 1970 who were sopho- mores during our knob (freshman) year will be celebrating their 45th homecoming. Yes, there will be football too, as The Citadel Bulldogs face the VMI Keydets in their annual quest for the Silver Shako.

There will also be times of worship as classes hold memorial services and many grads and families gather in Summerall Chapel for homecoming worship. It's still on my list of favorite quiet places, Summerall Chapel, a place where I can leave the world behind and reflect on how God has led us in our forty-four years since graduation and in our lives in general. Many thanks to Lt. Col. Joel Harris (USA, ret) for his spiritual leadership of the Corps, and the many chaplains who have given spiritual guidance to a bunch of college students in demanding circumstances.

The words across the front of the chapel on the Avenue of Remembrance are among the first memory lessons as I walked past it in the gutter every day during knob year. "Remember Now Thy Creator in the Days of Thy Youth" (Ecclesiastes 12:1). It was a valuable truth then and I am thankful for it now.

Have a safe and blessed final day of Homecoming 2015 Citadel families. And, blessings on the rest of the world has we worship and share the Lord's Day.

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