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On your mark, get set, get set, get set...

Getting started isn't my best discipline. It's not that I'm detail oriented or OCD about planning. In fact, with little deliberative and analytical in my strength array I tend to pull the trigger too fast on most things. In a race motif I'd be the go guy, with little "on your mark" or "get set" as prelims. In shooting, I'd be the fire guy, and would need a "ready, aim" person to bring a target into focus.

As a result I usually depend on others to tell me when to start. That's my particular hangup and excuse when delays hinder the launch. So, the detail people in my circle are usually making corrections for my eagerness to get moving before all the up-front things are ready. Along the way, however, have been numerous people who are so attuned to the prep work that the no one ever presses the go button. Whether stymied by obsessions about details or fearful of outcomes, some leaders overplay the mechanics of getting to the starting line and never pull the trigger for the plans to be realized.

There's an interesting parallel in 2 Corinthians. Paul wrote to them about the collection for the impoverished and persecuted church in Jerusalem. They had exhibited an eager readiness to contribute to that special need. Paul tip-toed around any delays he may have sensed in them. He praise them for their readiness and zeal in providing generous gifts to their Jerusalem brothers. Then, he added that he would be sending other brothers ahead " that our boasting about you may not prove empty in this matter, so that you may be ready..." (2 Corinthians 9:3). Evidenly he thought they were going to lay back on the fulfillment of their intentions. They too had a start problem. The Apostle wanted them to be ready to actualize what they had spoken and fulfill the plans they had made and verbalized.

Getting to the starting line is a discipline in itself. All the preparatory work and conditioning necessary for what is ahead must be accomplished. But, all the prep work isn't for staying crouched in the starting blocks. It's to give us a kick from when the starting gun sounds.

it's not on your mark, get set, get set, get set! There must be a go in there too. And, that something about the first day of the week, the Lord's Day, at least for me. The new week waits. After a day of worship, study, fellowship, and preparation, it's time hit the go button. Let's pray we're ready for the opportunities that he'll provide for mission in this new week, and for the heart to move things along toward fulfillment of what is ahead.

On your mark, get set, go!

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