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Unfinished business

Saturday is often a reminder to examine my to do lists and note the items that remain unfinished at week end. On occasion there are serious things that, for one reason or another, I have shifted down the list and leave hanging over the weekend, you know, over my head like a dark cloud.

In that regard, i noted a final sentence in Paul's Epistle to the Colossians. It's not a point of theology or biblical instruction, but a note to remind someone of unfinished business in kingdom mission. Paul wrote---

Tell Archippus: "See to it that you complete the ministry you have received in the Lord."

Colossians 4:17, ESV

Nothing is really known about the incomplete ministry work referenced. Archippus is only mentioned in one additional Scripture verse, Paul's Epistle to Philemon. He referred to Archippus as a fellow-soldier (1:2). Apparently they had served together. All that we know is what is clear in the text: Archippus was reminded to finish what he had started.

There's this thing about finishing, and plenty of reasons for not doing so. Some items on my to- do list are mere urgencies and are usually seconded to the genuinely important things. Of course, I have a preference list too and some of what I put on the list aren't favorites. Yes, join me in being over-obligated at times and just can't get to everything. Harriet tells me I have rose-colored glasses and don't usually see things as they really are, like the times needed to accomplish some tasks. OK, I'm an approval addict to and don't enjoy saying no. So, there's usually some unfinished business.

Carry-overs mean two things. The calendar in my head is already crowded before the new week begins, and the calendar in my head is already crowded before the new week begins. Unfinished business follows me around all weekend and screams at the man in the mirror on Monday too. If those line items are distractions to my worship, study, fellowship, and other spiritual nourishment functions of the Lord's Day, then they are matters that should be concluded before the old week ends and the new one begins.

Jesus is our model for finishing. His words from the cross, "It is finished", is the example for living that we should follow in every life and spiritual pursuit. How sad to make note of the people who are always dragging around their unfinished business.

Happy Saturday. Get 'er done.

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