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Mr. Attention Deficit, note the detauls

Both of my readers know I don't have an eye for details. Proofreading certainly isn't a gift. Spell check and autocorrect add-ons aren't much help either. I mean you still have to proofread the edits they make in my writing exercises. With all their digital precision neither one of them can differentiate here and hear. But, the deal is, my personal strength array isn't geared toward details. With analytical and deliberative at the bottom of my thirty-four strengths, my strength trainer told me to keep some detail people in my inner circle. I will always need them.

The truth about me isn't always something I want to know. But, it slices into my life from a couple of angles and being aware of strengths and weaknesses is a positive, like it or not. It teaches me a couple of things---

1. Details are important in life.

Take a look around and notice our creator's genius for details. Or,

read through the Book of Leviticus to discover God's plan for

governing the human creature. Notice the numbers in the Bible,

the images, symbols, and even some of the people, the lesser

knowns whose names are recorded in His Word. They are

reminders that details matter.

2. Except Jesus, not one human is the entire package.

None of us have all the spiritual gifts, talents, strengths, abilities,

insight, wisdom, or intellect God wires into us in the womb. We

need other people. What is more, people of faith understand this

human necessity in the fellowship of a faith community. Linking

with others isn't just warm fuzzies. It's a necessity in life.

3. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Author Richard Carlson, Ph.D. hit it out of the park when he

wrote Don't Sweat the Small Stuff in 1997 (Hyperion Press).

He wasn't making little of life's details. Rather, he was warning

about the OCD tendencies to over-play them. OK, I'm a poor

proofreader. But, I'm not enrolling in proofreading college or

seeing a shrink over it. I'm relying on others to take up the slack

in this discipline and at the same time trying the learn to pay attention

a little better. Thank you Harriet and Curt.

4. People matter, and their details matter too.

Personal faith should elevate the value and worth of every

human life. This is one area where small things communicate

love and care. Knowing someone's name, particulars about their

life, some point of personal contact and worth, are important life

dynamics for pastors and spiritual leaders. Learning relational

skills is an important to-do list item for those of us with faith


5. Lead with your strengths, gap your weaknesses.

The truth is I've never been good at observing details. And,

unless something miraculous happens, I won't ever be. Give me

the big picture any day. The view from 10,000 feet is my best

vantage point. But, I'd be reckless if I didn't have some people

around me to help me be aware of the small stuff and give

attention to important details.

Yes, I know I'm a new creation in Christ. Mostly that's about being aware of my own human depravity and learning the disciplines of tag teaming with others to fill my shortages. But, paying attention to the little things is still important in the world of faith. Take note---

Pay attention to what you hear...

Mark 4:24, ESV

Pay attention to yourselves...

Luke 17:3, ESV

Therefore we must pay much closer attention wo what we have heard, lest

we drift away from it.

Hebrews 2:1, ESV

And we have the prophetic word more fully confirmed, to which you will do

well to pay attention as a lamp in a dark place, until the day dawns and the

morning star rises in your hearts...

2 Peter 1:19, ESV

Our attention deficit world flippantly acknowledges that the devil is in the details. But, our witness to that world is often in those same details. Perhaps we should pay better attention to them. Not we, really, but I.

Now, about that profereeding thing.

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