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Tracking Hurricane Joaquin

Hat's off to the National Weather Service personnel and all the meteorologists who keep us informed about weather conditions. It wasn't too many yerars ago that a weather man stood in front of a map on TV and showed us highs and lows and when it was going to rain. Today directors and camera operators flash digitally enhanced graphics on a green wall and the meteorologist shows us troughs, upper level disturbances, green and yellow globs, and where arrows are going to land on earth. Then, it was on a studio set and now it is Storm Central or Doppler Pin-Point Weather or some other dramatic gimmick.

Now, they're tracking Hurricane Joaquin. As I write this it's a Category 4 hurricane that is building intensity as it aims at the East Coast of the USA. The hurricane center isn't pin-pointing the landing zone yet. But, the cone is aimed at the north-east of the US and they're all announcing emergency status in preparation. More ominous, The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore in on the ground in Charleston. Here's praying that Joaquin will track east, do as little damage as possible to the Bahamas, and then miss landfall in the United States.

But, here's the smile of the week.

Hey, it's Saturday. And we all need a SATURDAYSMILES moment. Have a good one! And, a safe one.

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