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The change of command ceremony

So, this year Harriet gave me a gift at our change of command ceremony.

Yes, let me explain. Each year we have a change of command ceremony. It signifies the annual date when the TV remote changes hands. During college football season, the remote is mine. When the college football season ends I relinquish control of the remote and we watch HGTV, QVC and woman stuff for the rest of the year. She actually gets more months but, when there are re-runs or they're selling stuff she's not interested in we can switch over to something we can both enjoy. Sort of. There's the chic flic thing that hangs over us when she's got the control.

This year Harriet went to Hobby Lobby and bought me the above sign. It's right below the television where it can easily be seen. More than anything it's a reminder of what's happening in the season and a way to keep perspective as we move through the important rituals of the season. Please, let's not forget thanksgiving.

Which brings me to Hobby Lobby. You'll remember how the secular left went after Hobby Lobby and Chick Fil A for their pro-life and pro-marriage stances when the feds turned up the heat. Both of these companies deserve our patronage just because they didn't cower before the bureaucrats. More than that, they both practice what they preach.

Take my new sign for instance. Their man cave section has lots of these manly trinkets. There's racing stuff, cowboy motif decorations, sports season reminders, and shelves of things men might prefer, or, at the least, the wives of men might purchase for the men in their lives. They haven't done the gender free thing yet, and I doubt they will. So, my sign is about watching football, my favorite season. Yes, it is, about football.

No, it's about giving thanks. It was Harriet's way of reminding me not to let life's most important things be overshadowed by favorite things. Ouch. Subtle but true.

And that brings a smile. Of gratitude.

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