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The school supplies at our house

Harriet loves school and office supplies. Having been educated as a school teacher and as a child of a teacher, she's always had an affection for rulers, note cards, notebooks, subject dividers, erasers, and now, Post-It Notes, writing instruments, gem clips, and fasteners. On special occasions I'll go to the office and school supply stores and purchase her a bag of goodies. It's my quick path to her heart.

Alas, our children outgrew that season, the start of school, and our annual trips of shopping for school supplies came to an end. But, its kind of comical when we go to Wal-Mart or Target around this time, to see her take inventory of the new stuff out there for school age kids and gather her own little supply of the newest stuff. Go to her desk right now and you'll see containers of colored pencils, sharpeners, sticky notes, pens, booklets, and cool pencil holders. You see, not only was she trained to be a teacher, she's a learner, and loves all the gadgets and tools of learning.

Life long learning is descriptive of disciples and spiritual leaders. She shows that kind of life commitment every single day. It brings a smile as all the students get ready for a new school year. She's still getting ready to learn too.

Now, let me see if I can pull together some cool school supplies for another year of learning. That brings a smile too.

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