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No telling how he will speak to you

It's been another high profile news week. Racial tensions, crime, the growing immigration debate, the Iran deal, flag issues, a tide of dissent regarding recent SCOTUS decisions--- they are all just representative of our troubled world. Here's another humorous story from Scripture. Enjoy---

The prophet Balaam wanted to cash-in on his prophetic word to Israel and obtain money from Israel’s enemies, so an angel placed an obstacle his path. When his donkey saw the angel it sat down in the road. When Balaam proceeded to beat the donkey, the donkey actually talked to him! The donkey said, “What wrong have I ever done to you?” Now, picture this, Balaam replied to the animal! Then God opened Balaam’s eyes and he came to the realization that the donkey saved his life (Numbers 22:27-30). As a result Balaam blessed Israel rather than cursed them.

The Saturday take-away: There's no telling how God may speak to you. Listen up! A cheerful heart is good medicine.

Proverbs 17: 22

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