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Finishperiod. Period.

Last year I let the finishperiod blog go silent for a few months. So, I'm re-launching the site that was originally published December 1, 2014. Prior to there was a previous blog titled Just the Right Words. Meaning, that this is a test. There's really no theme today. Just pressing a few buttons to determine if the pre-sets that were activated in 2014 are still functional.

Of course, the machinery and web data aren't really the prime issue for the re-launch. My neural synapses are a little worn and the first check-list are the memory systems that have to know which buttons to push when, and how to make the connections work. Here's a first try.

My Scripture for the moment---All this I have tested by wisdom. I said, I will be wise," but it was far from me.

Ecclesiastes 7:23, ESV

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