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Prep time.

So, I'm blessed to be serving as an adjunct professor at Charleston Southern University during the first summer school term and again in the fall semester. During the summer session I will lead Survey of the New Testament using the Elwell/Yarbrough text Encountering the New Testament. In the fall I will lead another Survey of the New Testament class using the same text and Survey of the Old Testament teaching through Encountering the Old Testament by Arnold and Beyer.

Which means I'll need some serious prep time. So, my thrice weekly blog will take a hiatus until July 1.

The picture above isn't me. That guy is inked and skinny and I'm not. It was somewhat appealing, a man studying and preparing on a park bench. Most of my prep time will be in my home office or perhaps on the porch. But, it will be relaxed, summer time prep in a more appropriate setting.

Happy half of May and June. See you in July.

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