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End of the week

One of the nuances of many of the digital calendar systems is that the user gets to define the arrangement of the week. Most of the programs permit us to select the first and last days of the week. In the new 24/7 world the old system no longer defines our work week. So, Saturday isn't what it was.

Still, many of us conclude our mental week with Saturday and heave a sigh of relief that another one is nearly in the books. Sunday was always the first day of the week for me. As a Biblicist my personal calendar has been aligned with the Scriptural pattern. In some ways this threw me, and many ministers, into a time warp since we worked most of the day on Sundays. Even in the confusion of a non-standard work week, Saturday remained the last day of the week. As a result we usually wanted Saturday to be something special so we could end the week well.

How was your week? If you're like a great number of work-a-day people it was demanding in many respects. The pressures in a world defined by velocity and busy-ness requires much of us. A good many of us are over-obligated and stretched in just about every aspect of life---time commitments, careers, family responsibilities, financial obligations, mowing the grass, and finding moments of leisure somewhere in the rush. People in the retail world are juggling schedules and breathing hard to get to the close of business on whatever day marks week end in their routine.

Last year I saw a video on television that gave me some new impetus for the Saturdays of life, whichever day actually defined the end of a work week. It was a public service announcement by the people at, The Foundation for Life. In fact, it became the final catalyst to my new book Finish. Period. Going the Distance in Ministry. In my mind it was the image of many people I know, struggling toward the finish line, regardless of the venue. It's a great one minute clip and is available at Take a minute a watch it by clicking here. I've pasted this video many times on the blog site and think it's worth a view on another Saturday.

Finishing the race is a spiritual virtue. When The Apostle Paul wrote about it he was referring to life, to his call as an apostle, and the kingdom mission that defined his life. But, the race can be just about any effort that captures our mind and our times. Paul wrote---

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

2 Timothy 4:7, ESV

Many believe he was at the end of his earthly course. And, it had been a rugged one for him. It's interesting to note that he was equating fighting the good fight and finishing the race with keeping the faith. There's just something admirable in people who faithfully see themselves to the conclusion of that race, however you define it.

So, it's Saturday. It may not be the end of your work week or the stopping point in any of your life commitments. Life does go on. But, it's that last day of the week biblically, and it is nice to finish it well.

Happy Saturday!

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