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The last laugh

Watching the Republican presidential debates Thursday brought a smile. One of the talking heads called it "great theatre". What is supposed to be informative and definitive is mostly entertaining. And, it says more about our culture than it does the wonks who planned it, the talking heads who staged it, and the candidates who stood on the podium. It says that we are finally there. We are the culture of the sound-bite.

It's not all that unusual when you think about it. We are conditioned for fast-moving commentary and tag-lines in most of what we do these days. Shoot, even pastors are being taught the art of the one-liner, that single punch line we want everyone to take home when we've pronounced our final "amen". So, the candidates weaving and bobbing, dropping the verbal bomb shell on occasion, isn't alien to our world. it's how we do almost everything---advertising, parenting, marriage, education, communication, and even shopping. Short and quick is the ticket. Even at church.

Someone once asked if God laughed. Well, yes, there are Scriptures that indicate he has and will. That he has a sense of humor is no question. I mean, look around. Much of life is comic relief. Jesus told humorous stories and used exaggeraction and absurdity many times. And, the Psalms reference that day when God will laugh at the wicked becuse they're going to get whats coming to them.

The Lord laughs at him, For He sees that his day is coming.

Psalm 37:13

That's what made me smile during the debates Thursday night. I know it's totally out of context, but all of those candidates had their five minutes, will have many more till November, 2016, but their day is coming.

Trouble is, the laugh won't be on them. It will be on us.


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