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Hundreds of God called people leave pastoral ministry every month. Many factors contribute to this tragic reality. Underneath, however,  is a central truth: ministry is hard.  Jesus said it would be so. And He provided a model to guide His followers as they serve Him. explores and communicates the biblical disciplines of going the distance in ministry. Through daily article postings and use of outside resources, will provide analysis of the twenty-first century ministry landscape, assistance in understanding and articulating personal ministry calling, discovery of biblical foundations for congregational service, and the personal character necessary for long-term ministry service.


There's a another angle on the agenda. The dynamics of finishing aren't the sole proprietorship of Christian ministry. They also apply to every life situation----relationships, marriage, careers, education, and all of the other meaningful commitments that define life. So, the biblical foundations of for ministry will also strengthen longevity in every human arena.


In a world of short term commitments, learning the biblical disciplines of finishing is essential to our own personal service, and the mission assigned to us by Jesus. Here's a prayer that this new ministry direction will perhaps encourage someone to envision and strive for the finish line in every dimension of personal endevor.

Here's the deal

Frustrated? Discouraged? Ready to step away?

finishperiod is ready to assist you.  How? Here it is :

finishperiod will guide you in the following exercises ...

Sonny Holmes is passionate about ministry and those called to serve.  His pastoral experience has been in highly transitional contexts requiring strong leadership, change readiness, and mission clarification. He is equipped in personal strength assessment, staff leadership, and the disciplines to assure going the distance in ministry. He is available for personal consultation, individual and staff coaching, and work with local congregations desiring stronger connection to mission environments. 

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What I'm reading...


How to get four generations working together in the twelve places they come apart. An up-to-date review of

four generations in the work place.


GENERATION AGELESS | J. Walker Smith and Ann Clurman

How Baby Boomers are Changing the

Way We Live Today...and They're Just Getting Started.

Assess and debrief your personal strengths

Calibrate five definitive steps to the finish line

Clarify and articulate your personal calling

Understand five promises for the finish line

Pinpoint life, ministry, and passion foundations

Visualize and anticipte the finish line

Evaluate and review essentials of leadership

Identify staff strength dynamics and mission

The deal is there is no cost for providing this service to pastors, church staff members, or those serving in denominational roles. Recovery of travel, materials, and other expenses is expected.

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