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The cliche is to finish strong.

But, that's not the deal today.

No, today, the word is to finish period.

The ministry drop-out rate is alarming and should be unacceptable to us. On the fringes are people who leave the ministry for legitimate reasons, a long list of aberrant behaviors and missteps that can bring service to a sudden halt. Even more, the thicker catalog of departures is more about serving in this crazy post-modern world, the frustrations of churches entrenched in outmoded mechanics, unfulfilled expectations, inadequte financial provision, marriage and family pressures, and so many other systemic ills. But underneath the system there's a personal element too, intimate facts and truth about the lives destroyed in the most noble pursuit of all, that of serving him. 


Sonny Holmes wrote Finish. Period. to provide encouragement, counsel, and biblical guidance in navigating the often treacherous waters of spiritual leadership.

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