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Life is hard too.


The pace is fast, the attitude is a shrug, and life is more complicated than ever. The temptation to quit, regardless of the commitment involved---marriage, careers, relationships, church, civic involvements, parenting, education, the political process---is very strong. Suddenly the drop-out rate in every category is high. What is more, the prevailing worldview of our culture isn't providing any answers. So, www.finishperiod.com wants to encourage, equip, and embolden believers to influence their world through bold, on-point, consistent living. 


For thirty-five years Sonny Holmes led churches in highly transitional, change-ready settings. His passion was to assist  believers in living out their faith in a real world. The mission of www.finishperiod.com is not to replace church or serve as a cheap substitute for commitment to a local congregation. But, this site and this man will assist you in the difficult tasks of living the life God intended in this hard, complex world. Here's the deal---


          1. You must indicate a desire for spiritual growth and

              commitment to a local church  before finishperiod.com

              will agree to assist you.


          2. finishperiod.com can provide coaching for personal

              strengths discovery, spiritual gifts assessment, analysis of

              how God prepared you for kingdom service, and 

              several other processes that will introduce purpose and

              consistency into your life circumstances.


          3. There is no charge for service. However, reimbursement

              for books, materials, long distance service, or travel is




          Sonny Holmes

          843 607 1903


CALL ME: 1-843-607-1903​

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